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Research on the Teaching of professional Japanese in Colleges and Universities under the Network Environment

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DOI: 10.25236/icepms.2018.199


Ni Jiang

Corresponding Author

Ni Jiang


After entering the twenty-first Century, Internet presents a leaping development trend, which has affected all aspects of people's lives. Especially for college education, Internet not only makes the classroom more colorful, but also broadens the students' learning channels, which has a positive significance for the improvement of the quality of teaching. Therefore, this paper takes college Japanese teaching as the main body, first analyzes the current situation of the network development in China, and studies the significance of the introduction of Internet in the teaching of professional Japanese and the influence of Internet on the teaching of Japanese in colleges and universities. Finally, it discusses the perfect measures for the teaching of Japanese professional Japanese under the network environment. The combination of professional Japanese teaching and Internet in colleges and universities provides some reference.


Network, Japanese Teaching, Perfect Measures