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A Study on Methods of Literature Education in Vocational Colleges based on Students' Experience

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DOI: 10.25236/icepms.2018.196


Feng Jie

Corresponding Author

Feng Jie


As the expression form of human aesthetic emotion and life feeling, literature plays a very important role in the perfection of human nature and the development of society. However, in vocational colleges, literature education is a phenomenon of instrumentalist, emphasis on skills and neglect of humanities, which seriously restricts the improvement of students' literary literacy and comprehensive quality. Students' life experience, literature experience, cultural experience and artistic experience can form four dimensions of literature education. It is an effective platform for literature education. Teachers should be full of enthusiasm for literary education, pay full attention to, promote students’ four-fold experience, and innovate literature.


Student Experience, Vocational College, Literature Education Research, Educational Method, Effectiveness