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Study on ship domain of large vessels in restricted waters based on AIS data

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DOI: 10.25236/icmit.2017.24


Tianrui Zhou, Zhihui Hu, Jiacai Pan

Corresponding Author

Tianrui Zhou


In order to obtain the ship domain restricted waters, this paper established a model of the method by massive AIS data. By selecting the ship's AIS data, counting the distance and relative orientation between the surround ship and the target ship. Considering the ship size, the vicinity of the target ship is divided into several fan-shaped areas, Calculated the number of times in each area and a single vessel superposition diagram was obtained, composite same single vessel superposition diagram into the multi-ship superposition chart. Finally, calculated the density of each region, and determining the boundary of ship domain by use mean maximum density.The method is validated by using AIS data from Xiamen port, studying four ship domain,the target ship length is above 200 meters and surround ship length in 0~100,100~200,200~300 and more than 300 meters, the results show that the size of ship domain are increasing along the ship length.


AIS data Ship domain Restricted waters large vessels.