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The Enlightenment of the Theory of Demand Levels on the Reform of Aerobics Courses in Colleges

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DOI: 10.25236/icepms.2018.189


Yu Mingrong

Corresponding Author

Yu Mingrong


The survey shows that college students' demand for aerobics courses is quite different. At present, college aerobics teaching cannot fully meet the students' demand for aerobics courses, resulting in students' evaluation of aerobics courses is not high. Based on Maslow's demand theory, students’ aerobics needs are divided into credit requirements, improving physical quality requirements, improving skills needs and learning teaching methods. Through the hierarchical level of teaching content, the addition of examinations and sub-items, and the use of the "two weights and one light" group performance assessment mode to fully meet the students' needs for aerobics courses, and improve the quality of college aerobics courses.


Aerobics, Curriculum Reform, Demand Hierarchy Theory