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Exploring the Practical Teaching Plan of C Language Programming

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DOI: 10.25236/icepms.2018.186


Bigeng Zheng, Peng Deng

Corresponding Author

Bigeng Zheng


This paper discusses the application of undergraduate C programming language teaching practice, according to the requirements of applied undergraduate education training, reasonable positioning of courses, adopting "step-style" and "case-style" classroom teaching methods, Teaching as the core, while building a variety of independent learning platform, using a more scientific and comprehensive assessment methods, better taking into account the different needs of students and stimulate students' enthusiasm for learning. "C Programming Language" is the first professional basic course that many professional colleges and universities in the field of information science, such as computer, electronics, communications and other professional students in contact with the door after the cross-national university, it is to develop students good programming skills and strong interest in computer science, as well as the follow-up professional knowledge of students play an important basis. Applied undergraduate personnel training is to follow the undergraduate talents to develop their own educational laws, while highlighting the practice, to strengthen the application of a talent education and training mode. In-depth study and discussion of applied undergraduate training mode program design teaching new mode and new method, obviously has important practical significance.


Teaching Practice, C Language, Program Design