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Analysis on Teaching Practice Mode of Social Sports Specialty in Hubei University of Science and Technology

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DOI: 10.25236/icepms.2018.179


Shuangjun Li

Corresponding Author

Shuangjun Li


By means of data and expert interviews, this paper focuses on the study of practice teaching mode of social sports specialty in Hubei University of Science and Technology, and analyzes its training objectives, professional curriculum, practice content and base, practice form and time, and according to the feedback from practice base, finds out the shortcomings and summarizes the advantages. At last, it gives some development ideas. For example, to strengthen the construction of teachers, the teaching practice process should be further improved, and there should be a more standardized and powerful practice base which can meet the teaching objectives of the college. In this way, colleges and universities can cultivate more excellent students and improve their comprehensive ability to adapt to the society. Under the pressing employment situation, students can develop in an all-round way, integrate into the society better and faster, and make them have better development and employment prospects.


Professional Practice, Teaching Practice, Thinking