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Evaluation and Improvement of Accurate Poverty Alleviation Performance in Poverty-stricken Areas: An Empirical Study Based on Ten Typical Poverty-stricken Villages in Hainan Province

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DOI: 10.25236/icepms.2018.178


Chenyu Zha

Corresponding Author

Chenyu Zha


Accurate poverty alleviation is a strategic plan for the Party and the state in the new stage of poverty alleviation and development work. Accurate poverty alleviation performance in poor areas of Hainan Province is related to the overall situation of poverty alleviation in all poor cities, counties and the whole province. Based on the actual survey and data collection, this paper introduces clustering analysis algorithm to study the performance of 10 typical poverty-stricken villages in Changjiang and Lingao counties. It is found that there are "cluster effect" and "poverty trap" among different poor villages. Finally, based on the field survey and empirical results, this study puts forward suggestions for improving the performance of poverty alleviation in different types of poverty-stricken villages.


Poor Rural Areas, Poverty Alleviation Performance, Hainan Province, Empirical Study