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Research on the Mechanism of Precision Poverty Alleviation in Industry Poverty Alleviation—Taking Aba Prefecture as an Example

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DOI: 10.25236/icepms.2018.176


Chen Ruoqi, Zheng Yuhang, Song Ye Wei, Liu Peisong

Corresponding Author

Zheng Yuhang


As one of the important ways to tackle poverty and solve the problem of employment, industrial poverty alleviation is of great significance to help the impoverished families to reach the well-off society in a comprehensive way. In recent years, although the poverty-stricken areas such as prefecture have achieved initial results, there are some problems to be solved in the mechanism of targeted poverty alleviation. The benefit linking mechanism and the industry poverty alleviation mechanism are not perfect, which leads to the inefficiency of the industry and the result of the industry. Based on the existing industrial poverty alleviation model and specific situation in prefecture, this paper analyzes the problems of targeted poverty alleviation mechanism in the industrial poverty alleviation through the local poverty alleviation effect and experience. Through the enhancement of "hematopoietic" function, innovative benefit link mechanism, and so on, help impoverished households to get rid of poverty.


Aba Prefecture, Industrial Poverty Alleviation, Precision Poverty Alleviation Mechanism, Hematopoietic Function