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Research on Computer Language Behaviors from the Perspective of Logical Pragmatics

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DOI: 10.25236/icepms.2018.166


Xing Zhang

Corresponding Author

Xing Zhang


Logic plays an important role in computer; it promotes the development of computer science. Logic is researching on inference, and mathematics is closely related to calculation. Inference and calculation have a lot in common, calculation can be transferred into inference and inference can also be transferred into calculation under certain environment. For this reason, a large part of research results in logic can be applied to computer technology. Some researchers used to conclude the relationship between inference and calculation into the following formula: Calculation= Manipulated Inference. This forum shows the essence of relationship between them. In the process of general inference, the order of rules that being referred to is not mechanical. But if the order that used is a predetermined and mechanical one, the usage of inference rules is called calculation. Thus besides seeking calculation methods, studying on the accuracy and efficiency of calculation methods and designing machines for calculating implement, the computer researchers have to study on problems like programming and the syntactic and semantic features of program language.


Computer Language, Behaviors, Mathematical Logic, Development