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Digital Comics Exploration on Zhang Daqian Colorful Ink Art Experimental Course

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DOI: 10.25236/icepms.2018.164


Gao Dengming, Qi Yuliang

Corresponding Author

Gao Dengming


As a treasure of Chinese culture and art and an important treasure of people's spiritual civilization, Zhang Daqian's color ink art is particularly important in the digital era. The new generation of young college students are the main team in art practice and inheritance. They are constantly shuttling between the Internet and digital creativity, using digital comics to explore the charm of color ink art and depict the story of today. On this premise, Zhang Daqian's experimental course of color ink art pays attention to the cultivation of innovative skills of college students, inherits classic culture and art, applies traditional color ink elements in digital comics, guides college students' innovative practice of color ink comics, and promotes the inheritance and innovation of Daqian's culture and art.


Zhang Daqian, Color Ink Art, Digital Cartoon, Experimental Course