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Analysis on the Ways to Improve the Level of News and Propaganda of Party Buildings in Colleges and Universities

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DOI: 10.25236/icepms.2018.163


Xi Yang

Corresponding Author

Xi Yang


In the current era of informationization development, the party building work of colleges must also change the working mode in a timely manner. The party building news propaganda should make good use of new media, thus improving the overall level of news propaganda. The development of colleges and universities in the new era and the solid support of party building work are inseparable. Party building work plays an important role in improving the management efficiency and comprehensive strength of schools. This requires more attention from practical work. This paper first expounds the advantages of new media and the importance of news propaganda to the party building work in colleges and universities, and then elaborates on the opportunities and challenges brought by the new media era to the party building news propaganda work, and finally explores measures to improve the level of party building news and propaganda. I hope that the theoretical level of inquiry can play a certain role in promoting the actual party building news propaganda work.


Party Building, New Media, News Propaganda