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Advantages and Suggestions of the Construction of Garden City for Chengdu

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DOI: 10.25236/icepms.2018.161


Jianping Liu

Corresponding Author

Jianping Liu


After Chengdu proposed to build a modern garden city in the world, it also proposed to build a "beautiful and livable garden city" in 2018. In theory, the garden city is a new concept and the theoretical system is not perfect. In practice, the garden city is still in the early stage of exploration, only referring to the experience of pastoral city, forest city, garden city and other cities to explore and promote. In the process of building a garden city, Chengdu has its unique natural and cultural advantages, which lay a solid foundation for building a garden city. It is imperative for Chengdu to do a good job in scientific and rational urban planning, build a garden city index system, highlight the ecological value of the city, and build an ecological community of mountains, rivers, forests and cities.


Garden City, Ecological Value, City Planning