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Design and Implementation of Electronic Map of Agricultural Materials sales point Based on GIS

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DOI: 10.25236/icmit.2017.21


Huifang Bao, Linli Zhou, Lei Liu, Yue Wu

Corresponding Author

Huifang Bao


In view of the shortcomings of high development cost and complicated maintain of traditional GIS platform, this paper put forward the design and implementation of electronic map system for agricultural material company on the basis of Baidu map API. Firstly, this paper summarized the features and basic functions of WebGIS, and proposed the service technical framework of electronic map based on the map API; Secondly, according to the needs analysis and feasibility analysis, determined the overall design block diagram of the system function module; Finally, the function design and implementation of each module were introduced in detail.


Maps API, agricultural materials, electronic map, retrieval, address resolution.