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Comparison of English Learning Anxiety of Students of Non-English Majors in Vocational Colleges Based on Flipped Classroom Model and Traditional Classroom Model

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DOI: 10.25236/icepms.2018.148


Wu Linyun

Corresponding Author

Wu Linyun


College English is a compulsory course for non-English majors, which is also an important course for training applied talents. Flipped classroom model is a new educational means and development direction of English teaching in higher vocational colleges. The data proves that the flipped classroom model can effectively reduce the English learning anxiety of non-English majors in higher vocational colleges and effectively alleviate the sense of helplessness and loneliness endured by students in the process of learning. This paper puts forward some ways to reduce English learning anxiety under the flipped classroom model, including strengthen cooperative learning, reforming teaching process and enhancing application capability, which can provide some references for relevant researchers.


Learning Anxiety, Vocational Colleges, Flipped Classroom