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Primary Exploration into "1 + 3" Integrated Teaching Method

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DOI: 10.25236/icepms.2018.146


Zhimin Lei, Jiayan Zhang , Qiao Mou

Corresponding Author

Zhimin Lei


The real value of Chinese colleges and universities exists in "morality education", the main channel of which is ideological and political course. The key to morality education lies in how to effectively integrate students into ideological and political education. The "1 + 3" integrated teaching method takes major political education or commemorative activities in "1" period as an educational opportunity, relies on case-based, project-based, participatory teaching means and methods to construct "3" integration platform with interconnection and interaction between curricular and extracurricular, online and offline education that dynamically integrates students' learning outcomes, history education activities of mainstream media, and campus cultural construction activities into theory study.


Ideological and Political Education in Universities, Morality Education, "1 +3" Integrated, Teaching Experiment, Teaching Methods