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The Practice of Yan Shigu’s Admonishment in Han Shu

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DOI: 10.25236/icepms.2018.144


Xiuli Wang

Corresponding Author

Xiuli Wang


"Han Shu" Yan Shigu Note is devoted to the deduction of the text, the original sound, and the original meaning. By explaining the construction of the word, correcting the shape of the font, and correcting the source of the font, the "Han" ancient characters are used; anti-cutting, rhyming, reading and a certain dialect, dialects and other phonetic readings, etc., mark difficult words; it adopts synonymous training, correcting by sound, evidence, interpretation of meaning, description of appearance, establishment of definition, comparing the original meaning, the extension meaning and the false meaning of the words in the form of comparisons, and reinterpreting the explanations of grammar, rhetoric and historical facts, and accomplishing the great works of the annotations of Han Shu. The training methods are flexible and diverse, and the content of the instructions is appropriate. There is not only the inheritance of the traditional methods of training, but also a flexible explanation on this basis, and a breakthrough.


Yan Shigu, Han Shu Note, Text, Interpretation