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Exploring the Teaching Mode of "Sub-classroom" with Students as the Center

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DOI: 10.25236/icepms.2018.143


Xiuying Yang, Mingyu Zhao, Rui Zhang

Corresponding Author

Xiuying Yang


The modern teaching concept requires that teaching activities not only increase the amount of knowledge of students, but also cultivate their ability to think and learn independently. The sub-classroom teaching mode focuses on the generation of knowledge and the self-construction of knowledge, focusing on the constructive and generative nature of knowledge learning. In the teaching activities, the roles of teachers and students are repositioned from the discussion stage, the teaching stage, and the internalization process. The author believes that to improve the teaching effectiveness of the sub-classroom, in practice, it is necessary to use the strength of teachers to establish a psychologically compatible class atmosphere, change the traditional concept of students, and enhance the systematic nature of the content of the lectures.


Dividing Classroom, Student-Centered, Teaching Mode