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Research on Performance-related Pay Problems of Chinese Colleges and Universities under New Situation

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DOI: 10.25236/icepms.2018.133


Yanming Li, Deng Pan

Corresponding Author

Yanming Li,


Performance-related pay is an important part of university operation. With the continuous expansion of higher education scale and the comprehensive promotion of "Double First-class" universities construction, the new situation has new requirements for performance-related pay in colleges and universities. Therefore, based on the analysis on the current situation and existing problems about Chinese reform of university teachers' salary system and performance-related pay, this paper further explores the possible reasons for the problems, and draws on the experience of foreign first-rate universities performance-related pay management. In this way, this paper puts forward the policy suggestions which conform to the reform and management of the performance-related pay system in the new period of Chinese, and it provides a new thinking space to promote the rational flow of the outstanding talents in domestic colleges and universities.


Colleges and Universities, Performance-Related Pay, Problem, Recommendation