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Comparative Analysis of the National Traditional Physical Education and Modern Physical Education Teaching

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DOI: 10.25236/icepms.2018.124


Fan Zhanjiang

Corresponding Author

Fan Zhanjiang


With the continuous development of human society, the contradictory movement between tradition and modernity is also developing. With the promotion of modern civilization, China's modern sports have come into being and have been developing continuously. Modern sports have the characteristics of fast spread and wide spread, which are not obsessed by traditional national sports. Although there are conflicts between traditional national sports and modern sports, there are also commonalities and relations between them. Modern society is deeply influenced by modern civilization and the pace of modernization is accelerating. It is the focus of modern civilization society to deal with the relationship between modernity and tradition, which affects the survival and development of human beings. Traditional national sports have two characteristics of nationality and tradition, while modern sports pay more attention to competition and appreciation, both of which have important reference significance for modern physical education teaching. Through the comparison of their relations and characteristics, the integration of national traditional sports and modern sports can be realized. Traditional ethnic sports are the epitome of politics, culture, economy and education in different periods, which can enrich modern physical education.


National Traditional Sports, Modern Sports, Modern Physical Education