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Analysis of QCLI Mode of Foreign Language Education Teacher Training

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DOI: 10.25236/icepms.2018.122


Xin Tian

Corresponding Author

Xin Tian


Foreign language teachers not only bear the heavy responsibility of language teaching, but also the bridges and guides of dialogue between different languages and civilizations. Regular training by teachers is a necessary part of the professional development of teachers in France, the United Kingdom and Africa. How to improve teachers' professional ability and professional quality in a short period of time, making training more time-sensitive, targeted and comprehensive is a common challenge and urgent problem for foreign language teachers. Based on the past experience of teacher training, combined with modern information technology and foreign language teaching concepts, needs and new trends in the new era, this paper has explored and practiced in improving the timeliness, pertinence and comprehensiveness of training in the target language environment. The advanced QCLI training mode is “information-oriented, case-based, learning and learning, combining input and output”.


Qcli, Foreign Language Education, Teacher Training Mode