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Research on Reservoir Engineering Method of Well Pattern Deployment in Low-permeability Reservoirs

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DOI: 10.25236/icepms.2018.116


Qi Zu

Corresponding Author

Qi Zu


With the acceleration of domestic economic development, the demand for oil and energy has also been increasing. However, due to the limitation of oil extraction capacity, the contradiction between supply and demand has been continuously escalated. The reasons for limiting China's oil production capacity are not only technical but also have a close relationship with the characteristics of China's oil reservoirs. More than 60% of the proven oil reserves belong to the type of low-permeability reservoirs. This has caused certain difficulties in the oil exploitation work, and the well-planned deployment of wells is related to the success or failure of the exploitation of low-permeability reservoirs. Therefore, it is of great practical significance for the development of China's oil industry to actively carry out research on reservoir engineering methods for low-permeability reservoirs.


Reservoir Engineering Method, Well Pattern Deployment, Low-Permeability Reservoirs