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Research on College Students' Integrity from the Perspective of Dual-discipline

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DOI: 10.25236/icepms.2018.113


Zhang Jiongli, Luo Liming, Qin Yajun, Zou Shirao, Ma Huaiyu

Corresponding Author

Zhang Jiongli


The dual-disciplinary teaching mode has received widespread attention from major universities, which is conducive to expanding students' horizons and enhancing students' ability. The dual discipline is a teaching model in which different disciplines cross each other and is a derivative of the era of knowledge economy. The society has higher requirements for college students' academic professional knowledge. Interdisciplinary education can help college students to obtain in-depth professional knowledge and comprehensive development of multidiscipline. In the process of carrying out dual-disciplinary teaching, colleges and universities also need to pay attention to the integrity consciousness and behavior of college students, because this is an important part of college students' ideological and political education, and ideological and political education runs through all disciplines. The integrity status of college students affects the overall quality of construction of students, and it is also the focus of quality education. The development of dual-disciplinary teaching also needs to pay attention to the integrity of students to cultivate students' comprehensive quality. The current situation of the integrity of contemporary college students is not optimistic, and there are some problems. In the teaching process of double-disciplinary knowledge, teachers should pay attention to the issue of students' integrity and help students to achieve the "integration of knowledge and action" in order to better promote dual-disciplinary teaching.


Dual-Disciplinary, Integrity of College Students, Ideological and Political Education