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Design of Predistortion Linearizer for GaN Power Amplifier

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DOI: 10.25236/icmit.2017.15


Wang Chong

Corresponding Author

Wang Chong


A linearizer using analog pre-distortion is proposed in this paper to improve the non-linear distortion of GaN power amplifier at 29GHz~31GHz. It is improved on the basis of traditional predistorter and composed of two parallel Schottky diodes using open loop method. It can generate the distorted signals which are on different degree of improvement through changing the offset state of the diode. The initial value can be gained by using the ADS2013 which is a specialized electromagnetic simulation software. Then the value gained provides the theoretical basis for physical object debug. The physical object tests show that the linearizer can provide 6.4dB gain expansion and 28° phase expansion at 30GHz.


GaN, solid-state power amplifier, open loop, analog predistortion, Schottky diode.