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Research on the Reform of the Elective Course of Football in Colleges and Universities

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DOI: 10.25236/icepms.2018.089


Juhai Wang

Corresponding Author

Juhai Wang


The reform of Chinese football has led to the rise of football in colleges and universities. The country has carried out drastic reforms in the football system, football management, and football talent training. Colleges and universities have become an important base for the reserve of football talents in China. In this sense, colleges and universities football teaching will have an important impact on China's football career. However, in ordinary colleges and universities, football teaching is mostly for exam-oriented education, especially as an elective course. Football lessons not only lack the teaching atmosphere, but also cannot guarantee the quality of teaching. Therefore, it is also very unfavorable for the cultivation of football talents. The paper mainly discusses the problems existing in the teaching of football elective courses in colleges and universities in China at present, including lack of resources, single teaching content and teaching methods, and lack of scientific evaluation system, and proposes specific improvement measures for these problems.


Ordinary Colleges, Football Elective Courses, Curriculum Reform