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Analysis of Public Health Emergency Mechanism

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DOI: 10.25236/icepms.2018.085


Min Cheng, Mingjun Han

Corresponding Author

Min Cheng


Public health emergencies are major infectious disease epidemics, mass unexplained diseases, major food poisoning and occupational poisoning, and other events that seriously affect public health, which occur suddenly or may cause public health damage. It is difficult to simply make a classic summary of the health emergency machine. In academic and practical work, the expression of the health emergency mechanism is mostly health emergency management mechanism, health emergency operation mechanism, or health emergency response mechanism. These definitions and generalizations only highlight a certain aspect of the health emergency mechanism or a certain cross section in the system from the perspective of function and effect. They fail to outline the connotation of a clear health emergency mechanism as a whole, and simply take one of the essentials to represent health. The emergency mechanism will limit our thinking. It is difficult to break through the existing rules and regulations in academic discussions and practical work. It is difficult to obtain important theoretical innovations and it is even more difficult to guide China's health emergency work.


Public Health, Emergency Issue, Improvement Mechanism