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Research on Transformation and Upgrading of the Logistics Enterprises Based on Innovation Efficiency

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DOI: 10.25236/icepms.2018.084


Yuqin Wang

Corresponding Author

Yuqin Wang


On the basis of development of the Internet, the Internet of things, logistics development is facing great opportunities and challenges, and logistics enterprises are facing the problem of transformation and upgrade, too. Nowadays, the logistics industry in the new era has become the industry which combines with labor and information. Under this development situation, logistics enterprises faces the problems that labor cost is rising and how to improve the using efficiency internally, and there is severe competition externally. Therefore, logistics enterprises must carry out transformation and upgrading, and gradually achieve the upgrading oriented by innovation and efficiency in order to expand development space and create greater economic interest. Based on it, this paper makes an analysis on logistics enterprises transformation and upgrading oriented in innovation and other problems, and puts forward some suggestions and views combined with examples.


Innovation Efficiency, Logistics Enterprises, Transformation and Upgrading