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Cultivation of Performing Skills in the Practice of Vocal Music Art

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DOI: 10.25236/icepms.2018.073


Jie Tong

Corresponding Author

Jie Tong


In human history, vocal music art has developed into an art discipline with its own artistic value through practice, accumulation and renewal. In many performing arts, as the most authoritative form of art performance, vocal music art performance has the characteristics of popularity and appreciation, which can directly resonate with the viewers and fully display the beauty of art. If performers want to show the perfect stage effects and excellent singing standards, mastering performance skills is particularly important. They should also pay more attention to study and practice, accumulate experience on stage, and cultivate performing skills in vocal music art practice. This paper explores and expounds how to train performing skills in vocal music practice.


Performing Skills, Practice of Vocal Music Art, Expression With Excellent Voice and Affection, Artistic Appeal