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Skills of Improving the Competitive Level of Tennis

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DOI: 10.25236/icepms.2018.070


Sheng Luo

Corresponding Author

Sheng Luo


In recent years, with the steady improvement of China’s economic level and the gradual increase of people’s spiritual and cultural needs, sports fitness activities are generally more and more popular among people. Not only the slogan of national sport is known by everyone, but also the concept of national sport is more deeply rooted in people’ minds, thus promoting the vigorous development of tennis. More and more people join tennis industry, greatly promoting the development of tennis as a competitive sport. But comparatively speaking, the development and popularization level of competitive tennis education in our country are still far behind those countries with mature tennis development. Therefore, in order to fundamentally solve this problem, it is vital to first of all analyze the current development situation of tennis in China and put forward specific rectification measures and solutions in view of existing problems in the development of tennis education in China. Therefore, in-depth analysis of current situation and problems affecting the development of competitive tennis in China is of great significance for guiding the long-term development of tennis in China.


Tennis Competition, Skill, Countermeasure, Research