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Research on the Application Effects of Orff’s Music Teaching Idea in Music Education in Colleges and Universities

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DOI: 10.25236/icepms.2018.068


Dandan Dai

Corresponding Author

Dandan Dai


Orff’s music teaching idea is a very important teaching method, which emphasizes the coordination of various ways and methods, such as music, language and action and mutually complementary music learning method based on the original music theory. To apply Orff’s music idea for efficient music education allows students to better participate in music and feel music, based on which, it is conducive to improving the ability of students to create music. So far the application has achieved good results and has effectively improved the quality of music teaching. In this premise, music educators should deepen the research and exploration of Orff’s music teaching idea combining with the teaching characteristics of colleges and universities and excavate contents of Orff’s music teaching idea which are more suitable to apply in teaching. This paper will analyze the application effects of Orff’s music teaching idea in music teaching, and explain its development direction.


Orff’S Music Teaching Idea, Music Education In Colleges and Universities, Application Effect, Development Direction