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Research on Cognitive Function of Abstracts based on English Linguistics

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DOI: 10.25236/icepms.2018.061


Donghui Li

Corresponding Author

Donghui Li


As an important branch of academic papers, linguistic academic papers occupy a place in cultural communication, and the coherence of abstract texts has an important influence on the language features and functions of texts. Scholars have conducted research and analysis from many angles, but from the perspective of cognitive function, few scholars have analyzed it. Studies have shown that in the abstract of English language academic papers, in the theme system, it is necessary to use a simple theme, rarely use multiple themes, often use conjunctions, anaphora, and repeated cohesive means, if a large number of conjunctions are applied, the anaphora of the concept and the pragmatic reasoning can be realized, then a unified cognitive world will be formed, and the degree of coherence of such texts is also very high.


Cognitive Function, English Linguistics, English Abstracts