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Experimental Study on Psychological Health Intervention in Innovative and Entrepreneurial Education for Colleges Students

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DOI: 10.25236/icepms.2018.058


Ma Huaifen, Zhu Fengxia, Zhang Sale, Zhang Yu, Li Xiaoming

Corresponding Author

Ma Huaifen


Innovation and entrepreneurship of college students is an important researching issue of current higher education, encouraging college students to start their own business has become a new work in guiding college students in starting their career life. But in fact, the campus life and the career life are quite different; because of the lack of social experience, many college students would have some psychological problems when they graduate from school; especially, some students who choose to start their own business must tackle with a lot of problems because of the complicated social environment that is quite different with that in school. Therefore, the intervention for college students who decide to have their own business is very important. Based on the importance, this paper researches the intervention of psychological health in innovative and entrepreneurial education for college students.


Innovative and Entrepreneurial Education, Psychological Intervention Experiment