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Similarities between English and Chinese Emotional Metaphors

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DOI: 10.25236/icepms.2018.053


Guo Rui, Lv Yingli, Liu Yichu

Corresponding Author

Guo Rui


The theory of Conceptual Metaphor was proposed in the book of Metaphors We Live By which was created by Lakoff and Johnson. This theory thinks that conceptual metaphor is a concept expressed in metaphorical form. Metaphor is not only the problem of language, but also the way of thinking. Emotion is an abstract and complex concept, which is expressed frequently by metaphor. There are a lot of emotional metaphors in both English and Chinese languages. So, there are some similarities between English and Chinese emotional metaphor because human has the same physiological characteristics and emotional experience.


Emotion Metaphor, Conceptual Metaphor, Similarity