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Feedback in Formative Assessment and College Students' Oral English Self-efficacy

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DOI: 10.25236/icepms.2018.049


Min Dan

Corresponding Author

Min Dan


With the development of education and teaching reform, formative evaluation is based on the concern of students, and is gradually recognized and accepted by educators. According to the theory of self-efficacy, students' evaluation of self-development in college oral English teaching will directly affect their psychological and behavioral changes, thus affecting the level of oral communication. Thus, the feedback process of formative evaluation can provide a certain basis for the formation of students' self-efficacy. In view of this, this paper explores the influence of different feedback modes in formative assessment on college students' oral English self-efficacy according to the formation of college students' oral English self-efficacy.


Formative Assessment, College Students, Oral English, Self Efficacy