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Research and Practice of Applied Talent Cultivation Model for Electrical Engineering and Automation

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DOI: 10.25236/icepms.2018.041


Chang Su, Chao Yang, Chong Tian

Corresponding Author

Chang Su


Looking at the model of personnel training in various colleges and universities in the country, the first is the model of discipline-based personnel training; the second is the cultivation model of science and technology talents; the third is the training model of technical and skilled personnel. The three current personnel training models have different points in their educational focus and teaching. The first model focuses on cultivating scholar-type research talents; the second model trains engineer-type talents with both theoretical foundations and strong hands-on skills; the third model cultivates talented technicians who have sufficient theoretical knowledge and strong practical skills. The objectives and levels of the three modes of training are not the same, so the requirements for teaching content and teaching methods are not the same. All colleges and universities must also choose a training mode or a model based on their own school's positioning and educational objectives. For the training of electrical engineering and automation professionals, it should be positioned to cultivate "application-oriented undergraduates." Therefore, this paper has studied and explored the application-oriented personnel training model for electrical engineering and automation.


Electrical Engineering and Automation, Applied Talents, Training Mode