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Research on the Development of "Double Abilities" of English Majors through Project-based Assignment Based on Constructivist Learning Theory

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DOI: 10.25236/icepms.2018.035


Min Sun, Yanchun Qiu

Corresponding Author

Min Sun


A study of translation theory was put on the top of priority in the traditional translation teaching, while translation practice was often ignored. As a result, English majors lacked initiative and creativity, even worse, the evaluation system “Final exam is everything” drove students to ignore the process of learning and practice. Given that, the mode “project-based assignment” is put into practice in the translation teaching class to help students learn translation theory and make translation practice as well. In this case, students pay more attention to translating process; therefore, their critical thinking and creative abilities, which are the prerequisite in improving their translation competence, can be developed and their esprit de corps can be created more easily by cooperating with others.


Project-Based Assignment, Translation Practice Development of the Critical Thinking and Creative Abilities