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Research on the Training Model of High-paying Employment in Yunnan Technology and Business University---- Take the Marketing Profession as an Example

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DOI: 10.25236/icepms.2018.032


Yandan Sun

Corresponding Author

Yandan Sun


With the continuous improvement of the socialist market economic system, the demand for marketing talents by society and enterprises is increasingly urgent. Our school's concept of running an applied university is focused on cultivating applied talents who can work in large and medium-sized enterprises in terminal sales, customer relationship management, and marketing planning. Through the current employment situation of marketing graduates in our school, this paper deeply analyzes the influencing factors and existing problems of college graduates' high-paying employment, and studies the establishment and application of high-paying employment training mode and training system in response to the current demand for marketing talents. Students' hands-on ability explores a comprehensive program that can promote high-paying employment for graduates of Yunnan Business and Technology College.


High-Paying Employment, Excellent Class, Teacher Studio, Project Introduction