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Research on User Online Learning Behavior Analysis Model in Big Data Environment

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DOI: 10.25236/icepms.2018.023


Zhang Guoming

Corresponding Author

Zhang Guoming


With the advent of the era of large data, the continuous emergence of mass learning data needs to be processed with new methods and tools, and the analysis of online user learning behavior has emerged as the times and has become a hot issue in the field of educational research and application. In order to improve the efficiency of online learning behavior analysis in large data environment, the current analysis techniques and tools of learning behavior are analyzed. The analysis shows that the main analytical techniques include data mining, statistics and mathematical methods, and the main analysis model is process analysis model and continuous upgrading cycle model. Three models, such as model and behavior analysis cycle model, are put forward in the end of the learning behavior analysis model and method technology, which are of great significance for the intervention of online learning behavior and the optimal allocation of learning resources.


Learning Behavior, Analysis Model, Data Mining, Online Learning, Big Data