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The Study of Internet Learning Constructed by Network Live Education System

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DOI: 10.25236/icepms.2018.021


Yang Jing

Corresponding Author

Yang Jing


With the hot online education, people pay more and more attention to the convenience and efficiency of the network classroom. It has become a major trend for online education in the development of education industry in the future. So it is necessary to meet the needs of online education for more people and build a network live online education system under the environment of Internet. A good learning environment shall be created so that teachers can teach online classes through these resources. This study analyzes and summarizes the present situation of the live learning of college students under the Internet + environment, and discusses two schemes of video audio and whiteboard interactive teaching in the network, and finally puts forward some suggestions on the ecological development of network live learning under the environment of the Internet. It has a certain significance for the development of modern network education.


Webcast, Internet of Things, Online Education, Learning Ecology, Interactive Teaching