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The Construction of the Evaluation System of College Foreign Language Teaching under the Situation of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education

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DOI: 10.25236/icepms.2018.018


Yang Fen

Corresponding Author

Yang Fen


With the deepening of the reform of education and teaching in colleges and universities in our country, it has become one of the most important tasks to cultivate students' innovative consciousness and entrepreneurial ability, and the innovation and entrepreneurship education has become an essential teaching content in colleges and universities. In order to improve the innovative and entrepreneurial ability of foreign language college students and improve the teaching level of innovation and entrepreneurship, the present situation of foreign language teaching in colleges and universities is analyzed. The basic framework of foreign language teaching courses based on innovation and entrepreneurship is put forward. Finally, the teaching evaluation system is put forward, which can be used for the modern foreign language teaching technology in colleges and universities. The research provides a valuable reference.


Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Foreign Language Education, Evaluation System, Modern Education, Curriculum Content