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Research and Practice on the Education Quality of Student Party Member Training System in Higher Vocational Colleges Based on "2211 Training System"

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DOI: 10.25236/icepms.2018.013


Xiaoping Ran, Xin Xiang

Corresponding Author

Xiaoping Ran


The cultivation of student Party members is an important task in the ideological and political education system of higher vocational colleges. Student Party members shoulder the responsibility of CPC's historical inheritance and development. At present, under the objective background of higher vocational education system and the student source of higher vocational colleges, the quality of student Party members in higher vocational colleges varies greatly, which affects the image of student Party members, and brings hidden dangers to the construction of the Party's organizations at grass-roots level. On the basis of combining education platforms such as instructors' daily ideological and political education work and the ideological and political theory courses, this paper aims to put an overall plan which can integrate education resources in higher vocational colleges, improve the quality of student Party member education, and cultivate socialism builders and successors with sufficient enthusiasm and confidence for the noble cause of our Party.


Education System, Student Party Members In Higher Vocational Colleges, Education Quality