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Characteristics and Solutions of Chinese Rural Elderly’s Poverty: Meta Analyses

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DOI: 10.25236/icepms.2018.007


Erpeng Liu, Dongfang Li

Corresponding Author

Dongfang Li


The weakening of family pension capacity and the increase of self-vulnerability make it easier for rural elderly to fall into poverty. This paper argues that due to the multidimensional nature of poverty and its cohesiveness, the definition of elderly’s poverty in rural China should set standards that cover economic, health and spiritual dimensions. Objectively, the causes of the elderly’s poverty in rural China mainly include the income, family pension and security system. Chinese rural elderly’s poverty shows obvious regional, gender and age differences. In the process of advancing the current preferential poverty alleviation policy, improving the rural elderly’s security supply level, strengthening the basic role of family pension security, improving the community old-age service system, and innovating the elderly’s poverty relief method have become key measures to resolve rural poverty in rural areas.


Rural Elderly Poverty, Family Retirement, Social Security Level