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Investigation and analysis of travel hygiene KAP in middle aged and elderly population

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DOI: 10.25236/issec.2018.166


Han Qin, Liu Xing, Su Cuili, Cheng Kejie, Cheng Weizhong

Corresponding Author

Han Qin


Objective: to explore and analyze the knowledge of travel health care of middle-aged and elderly travelers and to give some preventive measures. Methods: questionnaires were carried out and Spss17.0 was used to analyze the collected data. Results: the results show that the main influence factors of middle-aged and old people understanding of travel health KAP is whether the culture degree and obtain travel health knowledge, the impact is positive correlation, of which more than 90.5% of travelers won't make a corresponding medical preparation before travel. The understanding of travel infectious diseases is mainly manifested in the common hepatitis a, traveler's diarrhea and influenza, and low awareness rate of other infectious diseases. Conclusion: the elderly travelers travel for lack of knowledge about health care, before travelling to health care to inadequate preparation, lack of disease and accident measures to cope with the trip, the need for government departments to strengthen elderly travelers in travel health care information propaganda, improve the learning initiative to travel health knowledge, ensure the quality of life, travel to reduce the occurrence of infectious diseases and travel accident harm.


Middle-aged and elderly travelers, KAP. Health care.