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Textual Research on Du Huan’s Travel in the Da Yi Country and his “Jing Xing Ji” in Tang Dynasty

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DOI: 10.25236/issec.2018.164


Zhou Jun

Corresponding Author

Zhou Jun


As a traveler of the Tang Dynasty in China, Du Huan once set foot in Africa. His book “Jing Xing Ji” was compiled after his own personal experience. Thus everyone in the Tang Dynasty got a certain understanding about the local customs and appearances of West Asia and Africa outside of China at that time. The“Jing Xing Ji” mainly introduces the commercial, humanistic, agricultural and animal husbandry, geographical location, landform characteristics of the countries Du Huan has gone through, and even religious beliefs, the Battle of Talas, etc. In promoting communication and exchanges between China and other countries, it also provides reference for the study of human history in North Africa and Central and Western Asia. This article introduces Du Huan’s travel in the Da Yi Country, and do textual research on his book “Jing Xing Ji”.


Da Yi Country, Traveler, Du Huan, Tang Dynasty, “Jing Xing Ji”, Textual research.