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Research on Design Methods of Interactive Extinguisher Product Based on Usability Theory

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DOI: 10.25236/bemes.2018.045


Hu Wenfei

Corresponding Author

Hu Wenfei


Among extinguishers design this time, the fashion style is to cater for the viewpoint and demand of public aesthetics. Meanwhile, the culture and connotation carried by the product is also the necessary factors emphasized by modern urban people. Besides, it also successfully conveys the information of cherishing life to users. In the reality with homogenization of products of the same category in modern times, the enterprise should inevitably manifest unique characteristics by virtue of its product design to occupy the share in market competition. The detail design has direct influence on the overall effect of the design. The essence of product modeling design mainly relies on the product detail. By gradually improving and extracting the product detail and through rational design, it possesses rich detail characteristics. In this way, good foundation could be undoubtedly paid for the design of product image.


Innovation, Design, Extinguisher