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A DNA Nano-Tweezer for Intracellular Detection of HER2 mRNA by Confocal Microscopy

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DOI: 10.25236/bemes.2018.043


Haiying Que, Fei Mo, Tong Wang, Xiaoyu Yan, Hongmin Ma and Yurong Yan

Corresponding Author

Yurong Yan


DNA nanostructure plays an important role in intracellular detection strategies for its good biocompatibility and nontoxicity. Herein, we design a DNA nano-tweezer with aptamer and fluorophores to detect HER2 mRNA in living breast carcinoma cells. The designed nano-tweezer is self-assembled with ten DNA strands. It has one head and two arms with a long hangover each. A HER2 aptamer in its head is for targeting tumor cell and two overhangs with fluorophores can hybridize with HER2 mRNA. Following, the as-prepared nano-tweezer can effectively enter cancer cells by specific cross-talking between aptamers and overexpressed cell-surface receptors. Finally, the HER2 mRNA fluorescence detection is achieved by a confocal microscope, and the fluorescence intensity indicates mRNA expression quantity. Thus, this strategy provides a useful platform for efficient detection of HER2 mRNA in living cells.


HER2 mRNA, Dna Nano-Tweezer, Breast Carcinoma