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Application of New Energy-saving and Environment-friendly Building Materials in Engineering

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DOI: 10.25236/bemes.2018.038


Xuejun Zhao

Corresponding Author

Xuejun Zhao


In recent years, green energy conservation, environmental protection and other issues have become a topic of great concern to people. The reason is that in recent years, the global ecological environment has been deteriorating and the resource crisis has been intensifying. Compared with western developed countries and regions, China still has a large gap. The aggravation and deterioration of the environment are very unfavorable to the construction of society. Aware of this, people begin to pay attention to the issue of energy conservation and environmental protection, and begin to strengthen the application of energy-saving and environment-friendly building materials in project construction, which will not only greatly help people's physical and mental health, but also facilitate the development of enterprises in a more smooth and orderly way. The author conducts an analysis and discussion on this point.


Energy Saving, Environmental Protection, Building Materials, Engineering Applications, Waste of Resources