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Analysis on Ecological Compensation of Wetland Protection in Western Sichuan

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DOI: 10.25236/bemes.2018.035


Zhang Dawei

Corresponding Author

Zhang Dawei


In the development of the western part of Sichuan Province in China, it is of great significance to strengthen the sustainable development of ecological wetlands in ethnic areas. Not only is it conducive to the promotion of further integration among ethnic groups, but it is also necessary for the realization of regional economic balance and stable development. In the establishment of the wetland industry in the ethnic areas of western Sichuan, it is necessary to adhere to the concept of sustainable development, that is, to integrate the regional culture of ethnic minorities with natural and ecological resources into a unified whole, to achieve national cultural balance, and to develop, use and protect the ecological environment. Under the premise of this, it is required to gradually build a sustainable wetland industrial pattern in the ethnic regions of western Sichuan.


Western Sichuan, Ethnic Areas, Wetland Protection, Sustainable Development, Strategy