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Research on Gender Differences in Autism: From Genes, Sex Hormones to Brain Structures

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DOI: 10.25236/bemes.2018.033


Xuemei Liang

Corresponding Author

Xuemei Liang


In autism spectrum disorders, the proportion of males is much higher than that of females, and there is a difference in male and female autism. In this paper, the factors affecting autism than gender differences are combed from the perspectives of gene, sex hormones and brain structure. Genetic studies have shown that autism genes have a "female protection effect", and male autistic patients are more likely to be more sensitive to males' risk genes for autism. Sex hormone studies suggest that differences in the effects of testosterone and sex hormones on brain development in men and women may be responsible for the gender differences in autism. Brain structure studies further reveal the specific manifestations of this difference and its relationship with autism. Future research needs to use a variety of methods to study the genetic, endocrine and brain structure differences of individuals with autism and their parents.


Gender Differences, Autism, Genes, Sex Hormones, Brain Structures