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Research on Rock Magnetic Study of the Early-Middle Permian Strata in the Keping Area of Tarim

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DOI: 10.25236/bemes.2018.028


Yanan Zhou, Xingfeng Yang, Siyuan Yang

Corresponding Author

Yanan Zhou


Determining the magnetic mineral characteristics of the Early-Middle Permian strata in the Tarim can provide a reference for its structural magnetic studies. In this paper, the systemic rock magnetic analysis of the Kubanku group basalt samples from the Early-Middle Permian in the Keping area was carried out by means of saturated isothermal remanence, magnetic susceptibility-temperature curve, hysteresis loop and day diagram. It indicates that the main magnetic bearing mineral of the Kupukuz full group basalt sample is magnetite; the magnetic mineral particle size is a mixture of single domain particles and multi-domain particles.


Tarim, Early-Middle Permian, Rock Magnetism, Magnetic Minerals, Kupukuz Full Group