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Analysis on the Theory and Practice of Petroleum Exploration Geology in Ordos Basin

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DOI: 10.25236/bemes.2018.026


Zhenhua Li, Suya Zhang

Corresponding Author

Zhenhua Li


The Ordos Basin is a large inland depression basin. The basin is surrounded by highland denudation zones. The water system extends to the lake basin, forming multiple sets of river-lake phase terrigenous clastic sediments. The lithofacies belt is alluvial from the edge of the basin to the interior of the basin. Phase, braided river, braided river giant angle continent and lake phase, the upper phase of the plane is obviously ring-shaped, and the asymmetry is distributed around the deep lake area. Because the northern terrain is flat, the phase belt is wide, and the southern part is steep due to the topography. The belt is narrower. The Upper Triassic Yanchang Formation in the Mesozoic in the Ordos Basin is rich in petroleum resources. With the continuous development of exploration technology, the average annual growth rate of proven petroleum reserves and oil production in the Ordos Basin is far ahead of other major basins, exploration and development. The potential is huge. The paper mainly discusses the theoretical and practical issues of petroleum exploration geology in the Ordos Basin.


Ordos Basin, Petroleum Exploration, Triassic Yanchang Formation